Thursday, May 07, 2009

Sweden: A New Wallander Novel! "The Nervous Man" by Henning Mankell

Perhaps everybody else already knows this, but more than ten years after the last book Henning Mankell has written another novel featuring Kurt Wallander - the final in the series, apparently. It's completed, and scheduled to be published in Sweden on August 18th August 2009 (and hopefully as soon as possible after that in English!)

In a recent interview Mankell revealed the title of the book : Den Orolige Mannen This apparently translates as The Nervous Man.

This extract is provided from the Swedish publisher's press release:

"On a winter's day in 2008 a retired high naval officer, Håkan von Enke, disappears during his daily walk in Lilljansskogen. For Kurt Wallander this becomes a personal matter of the highest importance. Von Enke is Linda Wallander's father-in-law, and her little daughter's grandfather.

The investigation leads back in time, to the Cold War, to right-wing associations and assassins from the old Eastern Europe. Wallander suspects that he is on the track of a big secret, perhaps on the edge of something much more serious than even the Wennerström affair, the worst spy scandal Sweden has ever experienced. At the same time an even darker cloud appears on the horizon..."

Argentinian Wallander fan Ezequiel M. González Busquin, who heard Mankell speak of this new novel at the Buenos Aires Book Fair in April, says Mankell mentioned that Wallander will not die in the book, but that something will happen to him and it will be impossible to write any more Wallander novels.

I am lucky enough to have got a ticket for the Radio 4 Book Club discussion with Henning Mankell at the end of May in Wye. Maybe we will be able to entice him to reveal more then! A most informative site in English giving up-to-date Henning Mankell news can be found here.


Uriah Robinson said...

I have forgotten whether this will be number 10 in the Wallander series. There were ten Martin Beck books and I think ten Van Veeterens [although only four in English so far]. Thanks for bringing the good news Steph.

WhereDunnit said...

It depends how you count them, I think! There are 8 Wallander novels from 'Faceless Killers' to 'Firewall', then 'Before The Frosts' which is mainly Linda but Wallander does appear in his role as a policeman. So that would be nine. 'The Nervous Man' will indeed be number 10 **IF** you don't include the collection of short stories 'The Pyramid' published last year.

Snowbell said...

ooooh, can't wait wait to for it translated in English! I have a bit of crush on the guy :)

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